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Satellite dishes

Can I erect a satellite dish on my property?

You are able to do this as long as you have received approval from the Housing Services Unit and the Planning Department to do so. You will need to write to your local District Housing Office to ask for permission. You may need to apply for Planning permission if:

  • The dish is going to be over 900mm in diameter
  • If there is going to be more than 1 dish per property
  • You live in a low rise block of flats and there are already 2 dishes on the block
  • The dish is going to be on the chimney or higher than the roof

We will respond to you once we have a response from the Planning Department.

It will be your responsibility for removal and reinstatement if work is carried out to your property. We will give you notice of any upcoming work, but we will not pay to remove it for you. If you do not remove the dish by the date asked we will remove it and recharge you.

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