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Tips on tendering

Dos and don'ts to help you if you are tendering for a contract with Swansea Council.


Read the documents carefully to check you are capable of delivering the contract before completing the tender documentation.

Check the deadline time and date for submission of tenders. Extensions will not be granted allow sufficient time.

Ask for clarification if you are unsure of anything within the tender documents. Send clarification questions via the messaging system in eTenderWales or Sell2Wales.

Answer all the questions clearly and provide all the requested information.

Cost the tender as accurately as possible.

Ask for feedback.


Leave completing your submission to the last minute, allow plenty of time. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Include un-necessary literature and brochures that are not requested.

Assume we already know you as tenders are evaluated based on what is submitted only.

Be put off by the tender documents ask for support from Business Wales.

Submit unsustainable prices that are undeliverable for the duration of the contract.

Forget to submit all documents that are requested in the tender documents.

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