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Why do business with Swansea Council?

The council spends on average over £250 million a year on a diverse range of goods, works and services from external organisations.

The council has implemented a category management approach to organising its spend, this is a strategic method of procurement by means of grouping together related products and services and organising the resources of the procurement team to focus on the organisations spend in specific categories.

The council has 9 categories of spend and these are grouped into 3 overarching categories: Social Care (Adult social care, Education and Child social care), Environment (Construction materials, Construction services) and Corporate Resources (Corporate needs, Facilities management, ICT, Transport and fleet, Professional services).

The council is committed to ensuring that its procurement activities are undertaken efficiently, legally and ethically whilst contributing to the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of the residents of Swansea. Generally, decisions are made not just on the basis of lowest cost but on value for money; taking into account quality factors and whole life costs for example. All suppliers are treated equally and assessed on the merits of their tender by evaluating it against stated award criteria.

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