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Grass cutting services resume at city cemeteries

Grass cutting teams in Swansea Council have resumed work at the city's cemeteries.

grass cutting

The Council previously stopped grass cutting when the coronavirus restrictions were implemented. 

Many council staff were redeployed to alternative roles linked to the emergency response and some grass-cutting staff focussed mainly on burials. Teams have now returned to grass-cutting duties and have been hard at work this week at Oystermouth Cemetery.

Lyndon Elsey, Bereavement Services Registrar at Swansea Council, said: "It's been a difficult time recently because of the pandemic. We usually cut grass at our cemeteries every two weeks but that was put on hold at the beginning of April so our staff could focus on other priorities within the burials and cremation service.

"Understandably, families visiting our cemeteries recently will have noticed the long grass and possibly assumed we are neglecting our cemeteries. This is not the case however.

"We have an excellent reputation for keeping our cemeteries in good condition and I'm pleased we now have staff back on site to tackle the uncut grass."

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management, said: "The coronavirus lockdown has brought with it many challenges in terms of how we continue council services. Some services had to be put on hold so we could ensure our resources and staff were dedicated to providing critical services, doing what was needed to keep our residents safe.

"I hope residents recognise the efforts everyone in the council is making to keep our city going and are working with us as we try and get back to normal.

"Grass-cutting, rightly so, was halted, as we had other priorities to tackle including introducing new services, supporting the NHS and helping save lives.

"We are now in a position to reintroduce services such as grass cutting. It may take a little longer to get our cemeteries back to the condition they normally are and I hope residents will show some patience as we tackle this backlog of work."

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