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Welfare officers staying in touch with city pupils

PUPILS entitled to free school meals are getting a little help to ensure they're not missing out on their daily grab and go meals made for them by the council's school catering services.

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Education Welfare Officers (EWO) have stopped doing their usual job of working with young people to encourage school attendance and instead they're filling the gap where families have not been able to fetch meals themselves from their local school.

Every day catering teams produce over 2000 grab and go cold meals delivered by council teams and volunteers to more than 40 schools currently being used as emergency child care facilities.

And where families can't get to the pick-up points EWOs and school staff are finding ways to make sure the free school meals get to as many as possible of those intended to have them.

Jennifer Raynor, Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning, said: "It's really important that children entitled to FSMs get the meals to which they're entitled to prevent them from going hungry.

"The vital new service being provided by the EWOs and school staff use their existing skills and knowledge in a different way but with the same aim in mind - the wellbeing of young learners.

"Not only are they able to sort out the delivery of free school meals, they're able to work with and support families and children at a difficult time, helping to ensure children are safe."

She added: "Council staff are taking new roles in these unprecedented times so they are here for the people of Swansea providing new services for those who need them most. 

"The EWOs' support is a really good example of how, despite the fact children are not currently in school, they are still contributing to their welfare."

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