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Recycling teams get big thank you from residents

Household waste collection crews in Swansea have been praised for their efforts to collect recycling.

recycling thank you

Increases in recycling being placed out for collection during the last few weeks have led to crews working longer hours to make sure it's collected.

Some residents have also left messages of thanks and gifts of cake and biscuits for the teams out on the streets.

Chris Howell, Head of Waste Management in Swansea Council, said: "Fortunately we have been able to operate our kerbside collections normally while the various restrictions are in place and it's proven a very busy time for the crews out on the road.

"The closure of the recycling centres in Swansea, along with more people at home and dry weather has led to large increases in the amount of recycling being placed out for collection, particularly garden waste.

"We've calculated around 20% more recycling is being collected.

"Crews have worked longer hours and we are filling up collection vehicles quicker during the day.

"Our collection teams are doing a fantastic job and it's great to see so many residents appreciating their efforts by the number of goodwill messages and gifts they have received."

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management said: "I'm sure all residents appreciate the efforts our collection crews are making to ensure the city runs as normal as possible during these extremely challenging times.

"It's clear from looking around the streets that more recycling is being put out and I have to congratulate the whole team for keeping everything running a normal. Well done everyone."

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