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Funeral services continuing in Swansea

Cemeteries and Crematoriums in Swansea are still open for funerals to take place.

Swansea Council Logo (Landscape square)

Recent guidance published by the Welsh Government has reinforced the message to funeral attendees for the need to observe a two metre social distancing measure.

Swansea Council has limited the number of attendees to funerals to ten people to help maintain social distancing rules.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment & Infrastructure said: "Funerals are obviously a very special time for family members to pay respects to deceased members of their family.

"The guidance recently published gives us the opportunity to keep cemeteries open. We have placed a limit on the number of people that can attend funerals to ensure those attending are kept safe from the threat of the coronavirus.

"We also need families and friends to be mindful of the two metre social distancing rules. These are in place to protect every one attending. In normal circumstances, family and friends tend to congregate after a service - we would ask that while the restrictions are in place that groups of people should avoid congregating and maintain the social distancing rules."

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