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School's praise for unsung pupils is chocolate

For those of a certain age a surprise call to attend the headteacher's office was not often something to be celebrated.


But at Dylan Thomas Community School in Swansea pupils who are asked to meet with Paul Davies first thing on a Friday are in for a treat.

Each week one student who has gone above and beyond is invited to join the headteacher for a mug of hot chocolate in recognition of their achievements.

Mr Davies said there is no shortage of candidates as staff across the school inundate him with nominations and one of his hardest duties is choosing the most deserving.

"So many pupils at our school do far more than is expected of them and this is just a small way for me to say how pleased and how proud we are of them," he explained.

"There are so many pupils that can go under the radar so this is just a gesture to say thank-you and to keep up the good work. It's also the highlight of my week."

One pupil to recently receive the accolade was Kayleigh Gabriel (pictured) for her effort and achievements in art classes.

Many others have enjoyed a cuppa with Mr Davies since 'Hot Choc Friday' started.

As well as a mug of hot chocolate their achievements are celebrated with a picture and post on the school's Facebook account.

It is one of just many ways that the comprehensive school recognises pupils' successes.

These include postcards that are sent to pupils' homes thanking them and their families and assuring them their good work has not gone unnoticed.

Swansea Council's Cabinet Member for Education Improvement, Learning and Skills, Jennifer Raynor, said: "I heard about 'Hot Choc Friday' and the other ways Dylan Thomas celebrate pupil's success on a recent visit to the school.

"I was really impressed with the idea and I share the school's belief that it's important to recognise the day to day achievements of young people in Swansea."

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