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Swansea retail assessments

The Council has commissioned consultants to undertake a number of independent reviews of its retail strategy and to provide recommendations for policy.

In 2013 the Strategic Insight Consultancy led a consortium, including consultants DTZ and FSP, to undertake a comprehensive strategic review with the aims of:

  • Informing future decision making on retail proposals by providing robust, up-to-date quantitative and qualitative data
  • Providing compelling retailing data for the benefit of occupiers, investors and developers looking to invest in Swansea
  • Guiding future retail strategy and the Councils policy framework

The information can be downloaded via the links below:

The Council subsequently commissioned Bilfinger GVA in 2015 to prepare a Retail and Leisure Capacity Study ('the Study'). The objectives of The Study included:

  • Provide a review of retail and leisure trends, inclusive of an appraisal of how these relate to, and could impact upon, the provision of retail and leisure uses in the Swansea area
  • Undertake a new survey of household shopping patterns in the Swansea area in order to establish shopping patterns for convenience and comparison goods shopping
  • Provide a quantitative assessment of shopping patterns and turnover levels for convenience and comparison goods floorspace and to use this as the basis for an analysis of retail floorspace capacity over the Swansea LDP period
  • Update an assessment of the health of the various district centres across Swansea and to use these assessments as the basis for proposals/strategies for enhancing the role of district centres as viable community hubs

The Study will provide essential background information to underpin the LDP policy framework for retail and leisure development, and will be used to support the Council's development management function.

The Swansea Retail and Leisure Study commission has been completed. For further information please contact the Strategic Planning Team on 01792 635081.

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