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Record fine against Swansea newsagent for out of date food

Action taken by Swansea Trading Standards to prevent dozens of out of date food items being sold at a newsagents has resulted in a large fine for the shop owners.

townhill food

Mr Mohammed A Shahid and his son - Nadeem Shahid, who own and run Townhill Newsagents at Penygraig Road, Townhill, have each been fined £25,000 in relation to 29 breaches of food safety regulations. The total fine is thought to be one of the biggest issued to a Swansea business in relation to food related offences.

The case recently concluded at Swansea Magistrates and follows on from a visit by Swansea Council's Trading Standards Officers in August 2018.

During an inspection of food on display at the store, a total of 89 items were found to be out of date and some of those significantly passed the date displayed on the food. Some food out for sale was more than three weeks past the 'use by' date.

Items included many dairy products such as children's yoghurts, microwavable meals and pastry products

During interviews between the shop owner and Trading Standards it was also discovered that advice and warning issued in relation to 'out-of-date' food, given in 2015 and 2016 had all been ignored.

Along with the fines, Magistrates in Swansea also awarded £820 costs and £480 fees.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management, said: "The neglect shown by the shop owners in terms of how they manage food sold on site is reflected in the heavy fines issued against them.

"This was a very high quantity of perishable foods which were on display with some significantly out of date. Anyone purchasing these foods would have been in a high risk of food poisoning.

"Consumers need to have confidence that shops in the city that sell food are doing so safely.

"I'm very pleased with the work of our Trading Standards in carrying out their duties to protect consumers.

"We will continue to pursue businesses that ignore important food regulations and where no consideration is given for consumers they potentially are putting at risk."

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