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Hanging baskets to bloom across Swansea this summer

Hundreds of residents and businesses alike are taking the opportunity to brighten up their homes and communities this summer with a little help from Swansea Council's famous hanging baskets service.

Hanging basket (Southgate single)

Last year hundreds households and businesses took advantage of the service leading to the creation of 1,000 hanging baskets, 900 lamp-post displays and 200 flower troughs gracing summer in the city.

With the growing season about to start, Swansea Council says it has already received many orders for hanging baskets and there's still time for more to come.

Deliveries are due to start in May, residents and businesses who have yet to order still have until the end of April to do so.

For businesses, lamp-post baskets and barrier troughs are also available.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management, said: "In addition to all the work the parks service does across the city throughout the year to make Swansea as aesthetically pleasing as possible, we also run a very popular hanging basket scheme that many residents and businesses make the most of every summer.

"The service has many repeat customers because of the quality of the baskets, displays and troughs we produce so we've already had hundreds of orders for 2019. But there's still room for more."

The sale of hanging baskets is only part of the effort to brighten up the city which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. 

The popular wildflower project which has seen parks, roundabouts and roadside verges come alive in a burst of colour in the summer months will be back as well.

Cllr Thomas said: "Combining with our wildflowers and other initiatives across the city, schemes of this kind improve Swansea's appearance while also helping raise people's spirits. 

"We always get a huge level of interest in the wildflower and the hanging basket schemes because, apart from the sheer enjoyment, they are good for the environment and insect-life as well."

Visit for more information, where a guide on how to best maintain hanging baskets is also available. 

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