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Direct cremation at Swansea Crematorium

  • The 9.00am appointment is available from Monday - Friday.
  • The coffin is brought into the crematorium via the main entrance - exactly the same procedure for all funerals.
  • Soft music can be played on entry if requested; brief reflection time is permitted in the chapel (5 minutes maximum), including the option of a short reading.
  • The cremation process is exactly the same as each coffin is cremated individually and the ashes / cremated remains are made available for collection (by appointment) 48 hours afterwards.
  • The cost is £100 less than a cremation with a full service.

If organising a cremation without the services of a funeral director, the following arrangements must be made:

  • Dealing with hospital / GP surgery to obtain death certificate; attending doctor(s) must also provide statutory cremation documents for which payment is required.
  • Dealing with Coroner's Officein case of sudden / unexpected death.
  • Dealing with Registration Authorityto register the death.
  • Dealing with Cremation Authority for booking the funeral appointment, completing relevant forms and payment of fees.
  • Storage of the deceased; hospital mortuary staff can help with temporary storage or a local funeral director.
  • Coffin / Container - online companies can supply or a local funeral director.
  • Transportation - suitable vehicle to take the coffin to the crematorium.


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