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Education in Swansea - English medium or Welsh medium school?

The City and County of Swansea offers children and young people the chance to learn in both English and Welsh.

There are English medium schools and Welsh medium schools in Swansea. There are also Roman Catholic primary and secondary schools and one Church in Wales primary school. The faith schools teach in English and offer an additional dimension to provision.

There is nursery provision at all primary schools.

In all English medium schools, lessons are in English. Welsh is taught as a second language and bilingualism is promoted and encouraged.

Welsh schools in Swansea teach by 'immersion', which means that children have all their lessons in Welsh until they enter Year 3. After that, they learn English as a subject also. By the time they leave a Welsh medium primary school, all children should be bilingual - fluent in both languages. Welsh medium education is an option for both Welsh speaking children and non-Welsh speaking children.

There are two Welsh medium secondary schools in Swansea. All pupils who attend Welsh medium primary schools have the opportunity to progress to a Welsh medium secondary school.

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