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Help keep families together in Swansea

Can you help teach vulnerable parents the skills to care for their children, keeping them out of care and helping Swansea families stay together?


Foster Swansea, the council's fostering service, is looking for more foster carers who can provide parent and child foster placements to a child, and one or both parents, with the aim of helping the family stay together

The aim of the fostering scheme is to help support vulnerable parents and their children, with the hope that they can stay together as a family after the placement ends. 

The 'parent and child' scheme will provide a lifeline for many parents, who along with their child, will be placed in a foster carer's home for a 12-week period. The live-in scheme will see foster carers help teach mums, dads or both, vital parenting skills in a natural and nurturing family environment, providing consistent support and guidance throughout the placement.

Foster carers will help develop the confidence of parents so they can take on the responsibility of caring for their child safely and lovingly. 

Whilst living with foster families, the parent's ability to protect and care for the child will be assessed and monitored. Feedback from the foster carers will then be considered by social workers when they are deciding whether the parent has the essential parenting skills to live with their child independently.    

Councillor Elliott King, Cabinet Member for Children's Services (Early Years), said: "Where possible, we want to keep children with their families, which is why we are calling out to people to think about becoming a 'parent and child' carer.

"This scheme is a chance for parents who may just be ill-equipped to look after their children, to demonstrate that they are willing to learn to be a good parent so their child isn't taken in to care. 

"Being a good parent does not come naturally to everyone, especially if they haven't come from a particularly stable and secure home themselves. As a result, we need parent and child foster carers to provide the parents with a more detailed picture of family life and specialist round-the-clock support.

"This fostering scheme will give parents twelve weeks of intensive support where they will see how things should be done, hopefully changing their behaviour and breaking the cycle. It will also help social workers to see how the family live, interact and cope every day." 

Councillor Will Evans, Cabinet Member for Children's Services (Young people), added:  "The council is looking for people who have the skills to work with parents and children, providing a safe and appropriate home for families.

"Parent and child foster carers will receive extensive training and support so they can help vulnerable parents to develop the vital parenting skills and strong bonds with their child, plus they will work closely with social care professionals to provide the holistic support these parents need to thrive.

"If you can offer a secure and stable home to a child and one or both parents, on a short term basis, then you are just what Foster Swansea is looking for. No previous foster care experience is needed." 

Foster Swansea are holding a number of events, where people can gain more information on becoming a foster carer. Dates and venues can be found below: 

Date Time Venue

8th  January 12-2pm The Quadrant, Swansea

10th  January 12-2pm The Quadrant, Swansea

16th  January 12-2pm Discovery Centre, Brynmill Park

16th  January 6-8pm Swansea Civic Centre

Parent and child carers receive a payment of £689-£1,063 per week, specific training to develop skills, weekly visits by a dedicated social worker, 24 hour telephone support line and access to experienced foster carers.

• For information on becoming a parent and child foster carer, or for more information about fostering in general, please contact Foster Swansea on 0300 555 0111 or visit 


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