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Foster Swansea congratulated on inspection report

Swansea Council's fostering service is well managed and its staff are enthusiastic and motivated to make a real difference for looked after children, inspectors have found.


They also praised the many committed foster carers who welcome young people into their homes and provide a caring and nurturing environment.

Care Inspectorate Wales' report on Foster Swansea also highlights many examples of where they have changed young peoples' lives, helping them to achieve at school, develop new interests and skills and even continuing that support when they leave for university.

Foster carers spoke positively about the supervision and support they received from Foster Swansea while inspectors said children experience well-being and a sense of achievement because of the opportunities they are able to access.

Inspectors noted there had been a significant rise in children requiring placements but that Foster Swansea was expanding to manage this.

The service is broken down into teams.

One assesses and supports general foster carers which includes short and long term placements and respite breaks.

The other provides support to family and friend carers and the children they look after with the ultimate goal that looked after children remain safely in the care of their birth families.

Councillor Elliot King, Cabinet Member for Children Services (Early Years), said: "The Foster Swansea team should be very proud of this inspection report which has many examples of how they and our wonderful foster carers are making a positive and lasting difference to the lives of some of our city's most vulnerable young people when they need our help the most.

"Sadly the number of children needing this support has increased but inspectors said the service has continued to develop and expand to meet this challenge.

"There are areas where we can improve and we will never stop trying to do so because the wellbeing of all our young people in Swansea is a top priority for this council, but overall this report paints a very positive picture of this service and I would like to thank all involved with Foster Swansea for their continued commitment."

Among the inspectors recommendations to further improve the service are a need to continue to recruit more foster carers, some additional training and an update to recording keeping practices.

But in their findings the inspectors said: "Children placed within the City and County of Swansea can be confident that their safety and welfare are promoted and that their voices heard. Children are placed with foster carers with the skills and experience to meet their needs."

Councillor Will Evans, Cabinet Member for Children Services (Young People), said: "I would echo Elliot's congratulations and praise to foster carers and the Foster Swansea teams.

"Fostering can be challenging but ultimately very rewarding and it was pleasing to note the many positive comments in the report about the support, training and supervision that is available to those considering fostering.

"I would encourage anyone thinking of doing so to contact the team to find out more. By contacting Foster Swansea there is no obligation but by becoming a foster carer people have an opportunity to help shape young people' lives for the better."

To find out more about Foster Swansea visit or call 0300 5550111 (calls charged at local rate).

You can read the full report here:

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