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Safety in council cemeteries

We are responsible under law for safety in our cemeteries, though individual headstones are the responsibility of family or friends of the deceased person.

Each headstone is checked over a five-year period, to ensure it is safe and stable. This is because elsewhere in the country people have been injured, or even killed, by headstones toppling over.

We want to be able to consult relatives; however, as time goes by, people move home and maybe change their name, and understandably they don't always think about notifying the cemetery. Therefore, if any repairs are needed, you should contact a monumental mason direct from our approved list (copies can be obtained from staff based at the cemetery), in order to arrange the necessary remedial works.

If you tend a grave, or know someone who does, we are appealing for you to contact us to help update our records.

To update your details, or discuss a particular headstone at one of the following locations, please call the relevant Cemetery Supervisor,

Coedgwilym Cemetery

07980 721563

Cwmgelli Cemetery

07980 721562

Danygraig Cemetery

07980 721562

Kingsbridge Cemetery

07980 721561

Morriston Cemetery

07980 721560 / 07980 721558

Oystermouth Cemetery

07980 721559

Rhydgoch Cemetery

07980 721561

Alternatively, you can write to the Cemeteries and Crematorium Division.  Please remember to include your full name and address, the cemetery and details of the grave that you tend.

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