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Frequently asked questions about roadworks

Why we have to carry out roadworks, who gives permission for roadworks and other places to find information about travel and roads.

Who is responsible for roadworks?

We are responsible for monitoring and coordinating road works that are carried out in Swansea. The roadworks themselves are carried out by a statutory undertaker. This could be the council, Wales and West Utilities for gas supplies, Western Power for electricity supplies, Welsh Water for water supplies and telecommunications companies like BT and Virgin Media. All of these have a legal duty to install, inspect, maintain, repair, or replace apparatus in or under the street as needed. The utility companies have a legal obligation to tell the council about roadworks they are planning to carry out. Sometimes emergency work needs to be carried out, for example if there is a gas or water leak. In these cases the notice the utility company is able to give will be very short.

What happens if you are unhappy about roadworks in your area?

You should contact the utility company or contractor if there is an issue with roadworks in your area. Details of the roadworks, contractors and how to contact them are available on the Roadworks - week commencing Saturday 6 June 2020 page. You can report noise or nuisance issues to our Pollution team.

How can I be alerted to roadworks in my area?

We provide a free email bulletinOpens new window of the latest roadwatch report. You will need to give your name and email address to register. You can stop receiving the email alerts by selecting 'unsubscribe' from any emails you receive.

Why do roadworks sometimes take longer than planned?

Pipes and cables have been layed under our roads for over 100 years. Records of the locations of older pipes and cables are often incomplete or missing. Although technology has been produced to help find the locations of pipes and cabling it is sometimes only possible to find the locations by digging a hole. This uncertainty can lead to an extension in the time the roadworks last. 

How do I find out about road closures in Swansea?

Road closures may occur because of roadworks and these will be listed in the Roadworks - week commencing Saturday 6 June 2020. A road may be closed temporarily for safety reasons due to development work, roadworks, private contractors or other events. We provide details of Temporary road closures and Special events road closures .

Who looks after the roads in Swansea?

We look after all adopted highways in the county. 

Private streets (unadopted highways) are maintained at the owner's expense. The owner may be the residents who each own the part in front of their house, or a third party (usually a developer). We are under no obligation to carry out repairs or maintenance to the street, even though it could be a public right of way to which highway and traffic law can be applied. You can find out whether a road is adopted by submitting an adopted roads search request online.

The only other road we don't look after in the Swansea area is the M4 motorway. The motorway is maintained by South Wales Trunk Road Agent. If you want to report a problem or fault on the motorway you can contact them by phone on 0300 1231213 or report it online using their network map.

Fabian Way

We sometimes get reports of issues on Fabian Way that are outside our county area. We can only deal with problems if they are in Swansea. Fabian Way from the M4 junction 43 to just past the new Swansea University Bay campus is the responsibility of Neath Port Talbot council. You can find out information about the eastern end of Fabian Way on the Neath Port Talbot website.

Road works and road closures in Neath Port TalbotOpens new window

Report a pothole on a road in Neath Port TalbotOpens new window

Where else can I find information about roadworks or traffic issues?

Neighbouring counties

Swansea borders Neath Port Talbot and Carmathenshire councils. 

Road works and road closures in Neath Port TalbotOpens new window

Road works and road closures in CarmarthenshireOpens new window

Roadworks and traffic issues across the UK

If you are looking for information about roads across the county there are a number of websites that can help.

Live RoadworksOpens new window displays road works from many local authorities and utility companies

Traffic WalesOpens new window provides information on traffic and road works on motorways and other trunk roads. They also display traffic cameras on a number of these roads.

Traffic information for the rest of the UK are provided by Traffic EnglandOpens new window, Traffic ScotlandOpens new window, Transport for LondonOpens new window and Traffic Watch Northern IrelandOpens new window.

There are a number of sites that provide live traffic updates and route planning. These include The AAOpens new window and RACOpens new window.

Local radio stations

There are a number of radio stations that cover the Swansea area that provide traffic updates.

Radio stationFrequency
The Wave 96.496.4 FM and DAB
Swansea Bay Radio102.1 FM and DAB
Swansea Sound1170 MW and DAB
BBC Radio Wales93.9 FM and DAB
BBC Radio Cymru104.2 FM and DAB
Heart Wales106 FM and DAB
Nation Radio107.3 FM and DAB
Dragon RadioDAB
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