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Baby chipmunks send Plantasia's cuteness factor into overdrive

New additions to the family mean Plantasia's cute factor is now off the charts.

Chipmunks in Plantasia

Six baby chipmunks have recently arrived at the Parc Tawe attraction, adding to a collection of animals that also includes snakes, lizards and a green-winged Macaw. 

Five of the six are identical in appearance, so only one of the eastern chipmunks has been named. Called Ava, she can be distinguished from the others because of her slightly different markings. 

Other recent changes at Plantasia, which is run by Swansea Council, include the attraction's eight terrapin turtles moving from an enclosure to the pond area to make them more visible for visitors.

Maria Bowen, education officer at Plantasia, said: "All six baby chipmunks are now settling in well to their new home. 

"Chipmunks aren't just cute - they're also very busy and active creatures, so we hope they'll be extremely popular with visitors of all ages.

"Our six new arrivals will add to a fun visitor attraction that educates people about animals and wildlife from across the world."

Abie Rockefeller has now been an animal husbandry intern at Plantasia for the last three months.

Abie said: "I came to Plantasia to help with the feeding and cleaning of the animals as well as other general duties, but the arrival of the chipmunks has added to my responsibilities.
"I was able to design their enclosure and now spend time with them every day. They're a great addition to our animal collection because of their massive cuteness factor, so I'm sure they'll be very popular with the public. All six chipmunks are amazing - they're just so lovely." 

The eastern chipmunk is a small mammal that lives in burrows. They have several functions in their forest habitat, including seed dispersal and warning other species if they spot predators. They can climb trees very well and are quite active during the day, foraging for food and defending their territory.

Carnivores that can grow up to 30cm in height, eastern chipmunks are usually found in northern Asia.

Other animals in Plantasia include a reticulated python called Cuddles, an Asian water monitor lizard called Haku, tropical fish and a variety of exotic birds.

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