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Utility bill ransomware alert

Fake British Gas bills have been emailed to customers that on opening contain ransomware.

The emails are cleverly disguised to look like an ordinary bill. The email contains a link which will download a file which locks your computer. The only way to get access to your computer again is to pay a fee which is why this type of scam is called ransomware.

If you receive an email from a company claiming to contain a bill there are a number of things you can check

  • Do you have an account with this company?
  • Is the email addressed to you personally or to a generic title such as Dear Customer?
  • Does the email state your account number of does it just refer to 'your account'?
  • Do any links go to the correct company website?

If your email is generic and does not include items such as your name or account number then it could be a scam and you should not open it. Remember if an email contains a link you are not sure about do not click on the link instead go to the page directly by typing in the address.

British Gas say that their emails will always be personalized and will often quote your British Gas account number (where the email relates specifically to your account) and will only provide links back to the website.

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