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Student grants phishing scam

This scam is targeting students with an email claiming they are eligible for a grant.

The email will often look like it has come from the finance office at a University and asks the student to click on a link. They are then taken to a scam website where they are asked to enter personal details including their National Insurance number and bank details. The site claims that they need this information in order to make a grant payment to the student's bank account.

With the information provided the scammers would have access to personal details and may be able to access the student's bank account.

If you receive an email like this or similar then don't click on the link provided. If you are concerned about a possible phishing email you should navigate to the website yourself rather than using the link provided. Never give personal details if you are unsure of who you are giving them to or suspect they may be used for illegal activity.

If you believe that your bank account may have been compromised and/ or your card has been misused you should report it to your bank immediately and also notify Action Fraud.

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