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Play to Learn

A resource which is aimed at 3-7 year olds, Play to Learn provides an introduction to the fundamental physical skills in a holistic way which is fun and engaging.

The resource inspires young children through stories and themes which stimulate their imagination and encourages physical activity. The hard copy resource is also complemented by an interactive website which brings the characters from the resource to life via 3D animation.

We want you to help your child improve their Physical Development and Creative movement skills.

You can do this by:

  • using the stories
  • or by helping them practise their 'skills' using the cards in the 'Skills' section
  • Or by helping them to play some of the games in the 'Games' section

Most of the skills and games can be practised in a relatively small space, using a variety of household objects. Your child can practise the skills and games by themselves. They can explore the Play to Learn site and activities

It does not matter if your child practises the skills first and then dances, or plays a game that uses this skill, or if they dance or play a game first and then practise the skills to improve how they dance or play the game. It does not matter which way around it happens, the important thing is to make Play to Learn a regular fun part of home-life.

  • Games, dancing and fun activities should be for everyday not just parties
  • Try inventing your own games or asking older relatives to share the games they played when they were young

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