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Issues to be considered when applying for a school place

Issues to be considered before completing your application (where applicable)


Applications for school places are considered on the basis of the child's place of residence.

For children of split families living between 2 addresses because the parents are permanently living apart, the address at which the child spends the greater part of the school week will be taken as the child's main address when an admission application is considered.  The child needs to be living at the address given on the admission to school application form.  Using the address of grandparents, other relatives or family friends will be viewed as fraudulent or misleading information.

Proof of address and residency may be required, and the Council retains the right to withdraw any place offered on the basis of a fraudulent or intentionally misleading application.

Moving House

Parents and carers must inform the Authority immediately of a change of address, even if details of future change of residency were included on the application form.   The Authority will require supporting evidences to show that the place of residency has changed, for example, exchange of contracts, tenancy agreements, council tax and utility bills and any other information considered relevant to the application, including disposal of previous property.

If you wish the Authority to consider any additional information, supporting documents must be provided together with your application.  This information must clearly demonstrate why it is the only school that can meet your child's needs.  Relevant decision makers will then consider the information provided in order to reach a decision as to which criteria should be assigned.


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