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Conference Rooms at the Brangwyn

There are other rooms available, which include panelled boardrooms and the spectacular Council Chamber.

The Council Chamber
An exceptional venue for exceptional meetings. A.G.M.s, lectures, formal proposals all benefit from this Classically imposing room. 

Veneered walls, domed central window and the longest tapestry this side of the Pas de Calaise, all go to making your delegates feel that much more important and involved. 

With individual seating and microphones for 60, this room is an established venue for major meetings.

Committee Rooms
There are five committee rooms (3a, 3b, 4, 5 and 6).   These rooms normally have traditional boardroom layouts. The walls are veneered in cherrywood, creating a feeling of sumptuous elegance.

Dinner Table LayoutRoom 3 can be split in two and Rooms 4 and 5 can be joined together, giving great flexibility.

Once again, any event can be accommodated from theatre style to buffet, exhibition to conference. As they are all situated in the same corridor, moving from one to another is easy.

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