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FIS Training - terms and conditions

Terms and conditions applicable to all delegates attending training courses.

Delegates attending all training courses will be expected to:

  • Be polite, courteous, respectful and honest at all times.
  • Turn up on time and stay for the duration of the course. It is not acceptable to request permission from the course facilitator to leave early on the day of training.
  • Actively participate, contribute to and demonstrate interest in course content.
  • Make any formal complaints in relation to the training programme in writing. Complaints should be factual, precise and constructive in nature and be forwarded to the Family Information Service within 10 days of occurence.

Please be aware that the times stated on your confirmation are the minimum participation time required by the awarding bodies in order to award certificates and that trainers have the authority to refuse entry to delegates arriving more than 10 minutes late.

Similarly trainers have the authority to refuse certification for delegates leaving more than 15 minutes before the scheduled end time.

Childcare settings - Childminders, Day nurseries, Playgroups, Out of School childcare clubs and groups of a similar nature will be expected to:

  • Complete the Terms and Conditions form within 2 weeks of the telephone booking being made.
  • Complete the Training Needs and Analysis form.
  • Send no more than 2 delegates from the same childcare setting per course.
  • Make cancellations 48 hours before the course start date.
  • In respect of mandatory courses, agree to relinquish the £20.00 fee for failure to notify of non-attendance and late cancellation of place/s. A cancellation is exactly that, regardless of the severity of the issue.


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