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More council homes coming to Swansea

A set of new sustainable council homes are being developed in a Swansea community.

the circle

The six two-bedroomed bungalows are being constructed on council land in West Cross at a site known as the Circle.

The latest new council homes to be developed by Swansea Council are part of a wider plan to introduce new council housing in the city and help tackle the homelessness issues identified in the area.

The state-of-the-art homes are being funded through a grant from the Welsh Government along with money collected through council rent fees.

During the pandemic, the Council secured more than £5.4 million from the WG to provide up to 80 units in the city to tackle homelessness. Some of this funding (£763,000) is being used to develop the six new bungalows.

Further funding from the Innovative Housing Programme is also being invested so that the new homes can benefit from energy saving technology including battery storage, ground source heating, thicker wall cavities and solar panels.

The homes are being built by the Council's Building Services team and have also drafted in apprentices who can develop new skills in working with modern energy related construction methods.

Andrea Lewis, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Service Transformation, said: "Once again, the Council has embarked on a journey to bring more new council homes to Swansea.

"This is the latest scheme and follows on the heels of schemes in Blaenymaes, Birchgrove and Clase - where we have completed a large number of homes where tenants are benefiting from reduced energy bills.

"Having recently visited the new site in West Cross, I'm thrilled with the progress being made and confident these new homes will provide excellent accommodation for residents in our city.

"The Council has made a serious commitment to tackle homelessness in Swansea and to ensure everyone has a home.

"Along with other services we are providing, these new homes in West Cross will assist us in reducing homelessness and also ensure tenants are not burdened with high energy bill during and long after the ongoing energy crisis."

Part of the new development also includes the creation of a large boundary wall which circles the six properties. The wall has been created using stone, excavated from an earlier house building scheme in Clase.

Cllr Lewis added: "Part of our philosophy in creating new homes is making the most of the funding we have and also looking at ways to reuse materials from other sites.

"The boundary wall at the Circle is not only an essential part of the development, it also provides an attractive feature at the rear of the properties. I'm pleased we have been able to make good use of the materials recovered from our other developments."

The Council hopes to complete the latest scheme in West Cross by the end of the year.

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