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COVID-19 restrictions from 4 December FAQs

The Welsh Government has announced new restrictions from 4 December. You'll find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Waste and recycling

Council housing

Culture, sport and leisure venues

Swansea Market and shopping


Business support

Child and family services

Births, deaths and weddings

More information from Welsh Government


Waste and recycling

Can I still recycle my household waste?

Kerbside collections and bulky waste collections have continued and Swansea's recycling centres reopen on Monday November 9. People planning on visiting the bailing plant at Llansamlet are reminded that they now need to book a slot in advance. Visit:


Council housing

Are new kitchen and bathroom fittings in council properties going ahead?

All kitchen and bathroom work is continuing as long as both the contractor and tenants are well and have no symptoms of coronavirus. Contractors will make contact with tenants to agree when the work will start.

Can I still contact the district housing office?

In common with other council offices, district housing offices are currently closed for public access. Our staff are still contactable and our online services will be available as normal. Emergencies will be dealt with.

How do I report a repair to my council property?

Tenants can contact the Housing Repairs Call Centre on 01792 635100 (Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 5.00pm & Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm) or report the repair online: Request a housing repair online
For out of hours emergency repairs, tenants should phone 01792 521500 (Monday - Thursday 5.00pm - 8.30am and Friday 4.30pm to Monday 8.30am).  Information on emergency repairs can be found here: Emergency repairs.

If tenants are suffering from any symptoms of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), it is important they make staff aware at the time the repair is reported. Staff will adhere to the Government's social distancing guidelines and tenants will be asked to respect this.


Culture, sport and leisure venues

Can I visit my local gym, sports/leisure facility or pool?

All sport and leisure facilities are now open. The operators of these facilities must take all reasonable measures to manage risk and maintain physical distancing.

All council owned leisure centres in Swansea run by Freedom Leisure are open, including Cefn Hengoed. The LC is also open.

The soft play area at The LC will be closing at 6.00pm on Friday 4 December until further notice. A reopening update will be given following the next Welsh Government announcement on 17 December

As gyms and leisure centres are indoor public places, you will need to wear a face covering when you go there and you will need to keep it on depending on what you are doing. If you are preparing to exercise, changing or undertaking any activity that isn't strenuous, especially when in close contact with other people, you will need to wear a face covering.

However, there may be circumstances where the layout of the premises and the nature of the exercise you are doing mean that it would not be reasonable to expect you to wear a face covering.


Can I pop to the Glynn Vivian or Plantasia?

Following the advice from Welsh Government, the Glynn Vivian will close from 4.00pm on Friday 4 December.  A reopening update will be given following the Welsh Government announcement on 17 December

Plantasia is closed from 2 December until further notice. A reopening update will be given following the Welsh Government announcement on 17 December.

Is the Grand Theatre open?

The Grand Theatre is not open for performances but part of it is currently being used as a Covid testing centre and this continues.

What about Swansea Museum?

Swansea Museum remains temporarily closed. We'll let you know when it re-opens.

What exercise am I allowed to do?

You can play sport or exercise in a group of up to 30 people outdoors or 15 people indoors, if this is part of an organised activity managed for example by a gym, a leisure centre or a sports club. Children aged under 11 and those organising the activity (such as coaches) are not included in these numbers, but the organisers will need to take all reasonable measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Will community centres remain open? Can I access these buildings for planned activities such as dance and other social events?

Yes, community centres are now permitted to open. However, the decision on whether to open each individual centre is a choice for each centre individually. Our message is just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Some centres have taken the decision to remain closed because of the risks of transmission or not having sufficient staff members or volunteers to open safely.  In some cases activities may be delivered digitally or outside.

Any activity can legally be undertaken in a Community Centre as long as it is organised by a club or recognised body within the legal limits on numbers attending, and does not include the sale or consumption of alcohol.

However, whilst the regulations allow for a wider range of activities than before the firebreak we would urge organisers to consider whether the activity needs to take place indoors, particularly where it has been successfully delivered either virtually or outdoors over the last few months.

The organisers will be responsible for taking all reasonable measures to minimise risk of exposure to coronavirus at the premises or the spread of coronavirus by those who have been at the premises.

Our advice remains that activities involving singing, chanting or shouting should be avoided due to the additional risk of infection, even where physical distancing or face coverings are used. There are also some musical instruments such as wind instruments which should not be played indoors. It will be the hirees' responsibility to ensure that all activities are provided in a Covid-secure way.

Will I be able to train outdoors with my sports club or play outdoor sport with a group of friends?

Not in the same way. You can play sport or exercise in a group of up to 30 people outdoors or 15 people indoors, if this is part of an organised activity managed for example by a gym, a leisure centre or a sports club. Children aged under 11 and those organising the activity (such as coaches) are not included in these numbers, but the organisers will need to take all reasonable measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Will I be able to attend an organised outdoor fitness class?

You can play sport or exercise in a group of up to 30 people outdoors or 15 people indoors, if this is part of an organised activity managed for example by a gym, a leisure centre or a sports club. Children aged under 11 and those organising the activity (such as coaches) are not included in these numbers, but the organisers will need to take all reasonable measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus

Can I visit a council-run library or the West Glamorgan Archive Service?

From Friday 4 December 16 public libraries in Swansea will remain open. Please telephone your local library for details about opening hours and services available. Visit to find out more.

The Archive service is operating with reduced opening hours. Visit for more information

Will outdoor markets take place?

Yes outdoor markets will again be able to operate in a Covid safe manner.  For dates and locations see the Christmas Market information and

Will outdoor eating areas within council parks remain open eg. Southend Gardens, Mumbles?

Yes. The eating places provided within parks were to allow business to extend their dining experience into the outdoors. These outdoor areas reopen from the 9th November . Please keep checking with the relevant providers for their reopening plans.

The general rules on the number of people you can meet will still apply outdoors. If you are meeting people you do not live with, in most circumstances the absolute maximum number of people who can gather together is four (not including any children aged under 11). However, this is a maximum and not a target - the smaller the number of people who gather, the lower the risk.

When up to 4 people from different households are sitting together at a table, every effort should be made to maximise distance between each other at the table.

Can I attend organised events?

There are some very limited circumstances where gatherings of more than four people who do not all live together are permitted. Different limits apply to some types of organised activities, on the basis that the organisers are under a duty to ensure that they take place in a way that is Covid-secure.  

Examples of activities for which more than four people who do not all live together may gather include:

  • sports and exercise activities
  • educational activities
  • organised activities for children
  • wedding and civil partnership ceremonies and receptions
  • funerals and associated gatherings such as wakes
  • support groups and other groups to support people's health or wellbeing, such as breastfeeding classes or parent and toddler groups.

All of these activities apart from wedding and civil partnership ceremonies and funerals are capped at 15 participants if they take place indoors, or 30 if outdoors. This number does not include any children aged under 11 or people who are working.

While this will clearly not be possible in all circumstances, it remains safer to conduct these activities online where possible. More guidance on these organised activities will be published shortly.

Can I visit the beachside hut I hire at Langland or the caravan I have at the Mumbles Hill Caravan Park?

Yes, the seasonal beach huts and caravan park can be revisited by licence holders but users are reminded to consider other users of the facilities and ensure that maintaining the basics of good hygiene and keeping our distance from others will be crucial.  Also licencees of the facilities must consider that in general, the same rules apply to that of a household or outdoor setting are applicable and people should act responsibly.


Swansea Market and toilets 

What about Swansea Market?

All stalls at Swansea Market can reopen on Monday 9 November. Visitors to the market must wear face coverings at all times unless they are medically exempt and all visitors must maintain social distancing. Normal opening hours will apply, 8.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Saturday.

The public toilets located there will remain open. Some traders are continuing to offer delivery services which are promoted via the Swansea Market website:

Are all the shops in Swansea reopening?

All retailers can reopen from 9 November but must ensure that all necessary precautions are in place to maintain distancing and prevent the spread of the virus.

Is Swansea Mobility Hire open?

Yes. Please book online - Swansea Mobility Hire



Will all schools be open?

Primary, secondary and special schools, as well as the Pupil Referral Unit, will be open to all pupils from 9 November. School transport will run with the same rules as before the firebreak lockdown. Where pupils are asked to self-isolate due to there being a positive test for coronavirus at their school then arrangements will be made for home learning and for those eligible for free school meals to receive a meal.

What about universities?

Universities can continue to provide a combination of in person teaching and blended learning. While incidents of Covid-19 have risen in the student population, evidence shows this is taking place outside the teaching and learning environment. Universities are operating Covid-secure campuses and adhering to strict social distancing. Coronavirus cases amongst staff remain low. It is also much safer for students to remain on campus than to travel home.

How can parents and carers support schools?

It is important when you are dropping off or collecting children from school that you follow social distancing and no matter how tempting please do not congregate at the school gates. If your school asks you to wear face masks please support the school to keep everyone safe. It is vital that all parents help set an example to pupils and help keep coronavirus out of the classroom.


Business support

What help is there for businesses who had to shut during the firebreak?

Welsh Government has launched two lockdown grants to help businesses survive the economic consequences of the Welsh national lockdown imposed as a result of coronavirus (Covid-19). The online application form is now available.

Swansea Council aims to make automatic payments to those businesses eligible for the Non-Domestic Rate (NDR) grants wherever possible using information obtained during the payment of the last round of Non-Domestic Rate grants, earlier this year. Only businesses that are eligible for the new NDR grant but did not get the previous NDR grant, will need to fill in an application form.



How are Child and Family Services operating?

In line with Welsh Government rules staff are working from home but will undertake essential visits. All non-essential work will continue virtually.

To find the best way to contact the service is to visit:

Info Nation remains closed to public and staff at present but the Dynevor Centre is open for emergency and essential appointments only.

Supervised Family Contact is running with a blended model of face to face and virtual sessions. Contact will resume in community locations alongside those in Local Authority buildings, in compliance with social distancing and person hygiene guidelines.

Unsupervised Family Contact will resume with advice and support to ensure compliance with national guidelines and social distancing measures.  

Essential community, fostering and residential short-breaks will continue and conversations will happen directly with families who might be impacted.


Births, deaths and weddings

Can I still register a birth?

We will be resuming birth registration appointments from 9 November. New parents should complete the online appointment form and we will contact you in due course to arrange an appointment. Parents of babies born in September or October need not worry about complying with the requirement to register within 6 weeks. Please note that there will be delay between the submission of your form and the contact to arrange an appointment whilst we deal with the small backlog of registrations.

Can I still register a death?

We will continue to register deaths over the telephone.

What about crematoria?

These will remain open.

Will bereavement services be continuing during the firebreak?

Yes, services will continue as follows:

  • For arranging a funeral or contacting bereavement services: the bereavement services admin office remains closed to the public but contact can be made at or telephone 01792 636481.
  • Cremation services: funeral attendance at Swansea crematorium is limited to 20 people; Singing, chanting and the use of wind instruments is not permitted due to the possible additional risk of infection; face coverings must be worn inside the chapel; the hall of remembrance is open but can only accommodate one visitor at a time.
  • Burial services: Our cemeteries remain open for burials and for visiting graves; the same attendance restrictions apply for burials i.e. 20 people maximum.

In line with Welsh Government regulations you should only attend a funeral if:

  • you are the person responsible for arranging the funeral;
  • you have been invited by the person arranging the funeral;
  • you are the carer of a person attending the funeral.

Mourners will need to keep two metres apart unless they live in the same household; people should not attend a service if they are unwell or if they are self-isolating or are vulnerable to the coronavirus; also extensive travel should be avoided to attend a funeral.

What about notices of marriage/civil partnerships?

We will be resuming appointments to give notice for a marriage or civil partnership from 9 November. Please note that we are currently giving priority to couples who have confirmed ceremony bookings and need to give notice urgently to complete the 28 day waiting period.

What about citizenship ceremonies?

We will be able to arrange appointments for individual citizenship ceremonies. Please telephone or email the Register Office to enquire about availability.

What about wedding ceremonies?

Ceremonies at the Civic Centre and approved venues can go ahead. The number of attendees permitted at the ceremony will depend on the venue and its risk assessment to determine how many can safely attend with social distancing and other measures in place to minimise the risk of spreading the virus on the premises.

The Welsh Government have limited the number of people who can attend the reception following a ceremony to 15. Please contact your reception venue for further details. 

Couples due to marry in a place of worship should continue to contact the church/chapel to check whether their ceremony can still go ahead.

What about copy certificates?

Customers can continue to apply for copy certificates online but unless a certificate is urgently required we would ask customers to avoid ordering during this period.


Where can I find out more information?

The best place is the Welsh Government website: new window

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