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Adopted roads and highways

An adopted highway is a road, footpath or bridleway that is maintained at public expense. Swansea Council carries out maintenance of these highways in Swansea.

Private streets (unadopted highways) are maintained at the owner's expense. The owner may be the residents who each own the part in front of their house, or a third party (usually a developer). The council is under no obligation to carry out repairs or maintenance to the street, even though it could be a public right of way to which highway and traffic law can be applied.

When we adopt roads

New roads that have been built to the required standards are normally adopted by us through an agreement with the developer under Section 38 of the Highways Act 1980.

Existing roads will not normally be adopted unless they are brought up to the required standards by the owners of the road. It may for example, be unpaved, without kerbs, footways, surface water sewers, gullies, lighting, the surface in bad condition or possibly that the geometry of the road may be unsuitable for use as a highway maintained by public expense.

The Highway Management team is responsible for the adoption of roads and maintaining the adopted highway records.

Find out whether a road is adopted

Informal enquiry

Find out whether a road is adopted

You can also visit the Civic Centre where you can look at maps on our computer system and identify roads and footpaths in all areas of Swansea. Please ask for assistance at reception.

Commercial/professional enquiries

To make a formal enquiry that isn't part of a local land search (CON29) there is a fee of £42.54. To do this you can:

  • apply online using our Find out whether a road is adopted form. You will be able to pay for the search and provide electronic versions of the plans. Select 'a commercial / professional enquiry' to apply.
  • write to: Highway Management, Civic Centre, Oystermouth Road, Swansea SA1 3SN. Please make cheques payable to 'The City and County of Swansea' and remember to include a location plan of the road.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information relating to adopted roads over the telephone.

Information resources for highway searches

Online adopted highway viewer - view the adopted highway extents, road agreements and schemes.

Online street listing - view the list of streets maintainable at public expense.

Highway management FAQs

Find out answers to the most common questions we get asked.

Land acquired for schemes (CON29R-3.2)

List of streets where land has been acquired for road schemes.

Proposed road schemes (CON29R-3.4)

List of proposed road schemes.

Proposed traffic schemes (CON29R-3.6)

List of proposed traffic schemes.

Highway notices (CON29R - 3.7)

List of streets upon which a property has been served a highway notice for overgrowth etc, on the highway.

Proposed rail schemes (CON29R - 3.5)

List of rail-based schemes.