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ALN - About Additional Learning Needs

All parents want their children to do well at school. Some children may need more support to achieve their potential.

Definition of ALN

When schools or the council are involved in making the decision if a child / young person has an ALN, they will refer to this definition when making their decision.

Identifying ALN

If you are concerned that your child / young person has an additional need or learning difficulty which may be impacting upon their learning, it is important to raise this concern with the school / college.

Types of Additional Learning Needs

There are a wide variety of learning difficulties and additional learning needs that your child / young person may have, and these may change and develop over time.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

We want children and young people with additional learning needs (ALN) to get the most they can from nursery, school or college. To do this they need a clear plan.

Person Centred Review

A Person Centred Review (PCR) is a way of working together and communicating positively with each other, always with the child or young person at the centre of the process.

Additional Learning Needs timelines

The Additional Learning Needs Education and Tribunal Act Wales (ALNET) legislation was introduced in January 2022 and is designed to put the child / young person at the heart of the process. Taking into account their views and thoughts.
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