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Swansea Seafront sites - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers about Swansea Council's public consultation on how several plots of council-owned land should be best used in future.

Are you selling valuable land just for the council to profit?

No. The council plans to maintain ownership of these sites but would like to generate new income from them. The council needs money to run services for all its residents; our services include social services, education, road maintenance, waste collection and council housing. Most of that money comes from the council tax and from government funding - but that latter annual funding has fallen substantially in the past few years. To make up for that shortfall we need to become increasingly commercial in our approach - without that services would be threatened. One way of doing that is making the land we own deliver more revenue. Working with partners to produce ongoing revenue from our land would be an efficient way of generating such revenue. The approach accords with the Local Government Act 1972 concerning obligations to generate best value for council assets. Development of land, council or otherwise, ensures vitality, regeneration and the provision of facilities that all residents and visitors to Swansea can enjoy.

Does this mean Swansea will end up with a seafront packed with development?

No. We don't see these seafront sites as areas for high-rise development. We're looking for ideas which would be on a smaller scale and which would make the prom a more attractive place to visit for locals and tourists. We want to hear about ideas for considerate development that would enhance the bay as opposed to over-development.

Does this mean these facilities will be lost to local people forever?

No. No decisions have yet been taken. We wouldn't make any decisions without first considering the needs of the people who use these areas as they are now. This is a sounding exercise to test the market in a non-committal way. We're at an exceptionally early stage and this initial process. No decisions have yet been made.

Why are you putting the interests of business before the people of Swansea?

We're not. We want to make the seafront more attractive to local people and to visitors who will utilise these businesses. We want them to be able to make use of it in the ways they want - in a way that benefits the whole city by making the seafront accessible, by creating jobs and by generating income for the council and business.

Have decisions already been made?

No. There are no plans for any of these sites right now. We're starting with a blank piece of paper and want to hear what the public and developers have to say; the thoughts of all will be greatly valued.

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