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  • A to Z of services


  • Recycling and rubbish

    Find out about kerbside rubbish and recycling collections, recycling sites, and tips on how to recycle more and reduce your rubbish.

  • Recycling sites

    There are a number of locations across Swansea where you can take items to be recycled.

  • Residential and nursing care

    You, or your relative, may be thinking about a care home because you have gradually found it more difficult to manage at home, or because an illness or accident has affected your ability to live independently.

  • Rights of way

    There are over 400 miles (647km) of public rights of way within the City and County of Swansea. We manage and maintain the network and work closely with landowners and users to keep the paths to a standard that the public can enjoy.

  • Road and footpath maintenance

    We carry out regular inspections on our adopted roads, footpaths and cycle routes. Weedspraying is one of the tasks we carry out.

  • Road safety

    There are a number of courses available to help improve your safety on the road whether you're a driver, pedestrian or biker.

  • Roadwatch

    Information about current and planned roadworks in Swansea. These include work by the council and utility companies.

  • Tip Treasures - reuse shop

    Buy it or bring it, just don't bin it!

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