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Lifelong learning computer workshops

Learn the basics or increase your knowledge - ECDL available.

Get Swansea online (free courses)

Want to get online but don't know where to start? We've got free computer and tablet courses to help you.

ECDL workshops

Workshops for ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) and self-directed learners.

Get a better deal

Providing tools to help learners identify spending patterns, get a better deal by shopping online and manage their money.

Get creative using IT (free course)

Working with various forms of digital media, developing organised storage and media management systems and producing a digital media project.

Get IT skills for work (free course)

Helping learners to use Microsoft Office suite of applications and develop confidence in using them to be productive in the workplace.

Get practicing IT skills (free course)

Open access sessions for learners who wish to practice their IT skills, between classes and with tutor support, and for those who want advice and guidance about further learning opportunities.

Get started with a PC (free course)

A 10 week course aimed at developing the skills of IT learners who currently have limited experience in using computers.

Get started with a tablet (free course)

Get to better understand and more confidently use your Android tablet.

Get started with an iPad (free course)

Get to better understand and more confidently use your iPad.

Get that job (free course)

Learn some tools to help you search, apply and prepare for the job you want.

Improvers IT workshop (free)

Group led workshop sessions provided for those who wish to better understand and get more out of using their computers.

IT workshop

Workshop sessions for learners of all abilities aimed at supporting students with their own specific IT learning needs.

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