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Commercial waste frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about our commercial waste and recycling services.

What is commercial waste?

Commercial waste consists of waste from premises used wholly or mainly for the purposes of a trade or business or for sport, recreation, education or entertainment but not including household, agricultural or industrial waste.

Why isn't the cost of commercial waste collection included in business rates?

Waste charges are not included as you have the choice of using our collection services or using a service provided by an authorised, private contractor. Businesses differ in size and produce different quantities and types of waste. As businesses are charged for the quantity of waste they produce it would be unfair to have a set amount that every business must pay. Waste charges are therefore not included in the business rating system.

Who should I contact to make changes to my service?

Please contact the commercial waste & recycling team to make changes to your service. 

What is a duty of care/waste transfer note and why do need one?

All businesses large or small, have a duty of care to make sure their waste is disposed of properly. This duty is imposed by the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Section 33). Briefly, the duty is to ensure that the waste does not cause pollution of the environment. The trader is responsible for ensuring the waste is contained, does not blow around and that it is collected by a certified 'waste carrier'. The carrier must give you a 'waste transfer note' indicating the nature of the waste, quantity and how it is disposed of.

You can find out more information about your duty of care and how you can easily comply on the Right Waste, Right PlaceOpens new window website.

Why do I have to complete a contract?

If you decide to use the City & County of Swansea as your 'waste carrier' you will need to enter into a contract.

The contract is an agreement between the City & County of Swansea and the business owner to collect waste from the premises. The contract lays out the owner's agreement to pay the appropriate charges as detailed in the application and terms and conditions.

Do I have to renew my contract every year? 

No, your contract is ongoing until you tell us in writing that you wish to cancel.  This can be done by email, fax or post.

What materials can I recycle from my business?

Paper, cardboard glass & cans, plastic, and food waste.  More information is available on our commercial recycling pages

Why should I recycle?

Recycling your waste is not only good for the environment, there are also financial benefits for your business!

My bin has been broken/lost/stolen how do I get a replacement bin?

Contact the commercial waste and recycling team and we will arrange to deliver a replacement bin as soon as possible.

What should I do if my collection is missed?

Occasionally, a collection may be missed due to circumstances beyond our control. If this happens, please contact the commercial team on 01792 761760 / 761761.

When is my collection day?

Different crews are responsible for collecting your general refuse and recycling. To find out your collection day, please contact the team on 01792 761760 / 761761. Your collection day will also be given on your contract.

What happens if my recycling bin has been contaminated with other waste?

If you realise before your collection, please remove those items. If our crew notices the contamination they won't be able to empty the bin. If they are removed the bin will be emptied on your next collection. Most bins come with lockable lids. If you require a key please let us know.

What should I do if other businesses or individuals have been using my bin?

Please report this on 01792 635600 so that a complaint can be logged and the information can be passed to an enforcement officer. To stop this from happening please lock your bin. If you require a lockable bin please let us know.

I have excess commercial waste that won't fit in my bin, will it be collected?

Only waste detailed on your contract and waste transfer note will be collected. All waste must be inside your container with the lid shut down flat.  Excess waste that is outside your bin will not be collected, without contacting us first. If you need an extra collection in between your normal collections this can be arranged by contacting us. If we need to collect additional waste regularly then the council reserves the right to review the customer's container requirements.

Will my collection days always be the same?

The Council reserves the right to change the service days to meet with operational requirements.  Where possible the customer will be notified in advance.

Can I take my waste to the household waste recycling centres?

Waste can not be transported unless you are a licensed waste carrier.  If you would like a waste carriers licence please contact the Environment Agency. The household waste recycling centres can only be used for the disposal of domestic waste and not commercial waste. If a business is found transporting waste without the relevant documentation or using the household waste recycling centres they can be fined and even prosecuted.

Why can't I just burn my waste?

By burning waste you may be breaking the law and causing environmental pollution.

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