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Commercial recycling

Recycling will reduce the cost to your company's annual waste bill. Waste separated for recycling is charged at a lot lower rate to the charges for waste that has to be landfilled.

What can you recycle with us?

Cardboard and kitchen waste can be collected free of charge if you have a general waste contract with us. Glass, tin, cans, paper and plastic are collected at a reduced cost.


Loose flat packed uncontaminated cardboard can be collected free of charge as part of your commercial waste contract, as long as the cardboard has been separated from other waste. 

Glass, tins and cans

Wheeled 360 and 1100 litre bin containers can be provided for mixed glass, tin and can collections which can be recycled.


Pre-paid clear sacks can be purchased for recycling paper (20 bags per roll).

Yes please - newspapers, catalogues, magazines, Yellow Pages, junk mail, office paper, white envelopes, small pieces of clean card e.g. cereal packet.

No thanks - wallpaper, wrapping paper and tissues.

Food waste

A 360 litre bin with an orange lid is provided for the disposal of compostable materials.

Yes please - fruit and vegetable peelings, meat, fish, egg shells, tea bags, cooked food, pasta, rice, cereals, stale bread, small bones up to and including chicken carcass etc.  Food contaminated cardboard and paper (eg serviettes) are also accepted.  We are able to accept cooked food, meat and fish because of the system we now use.

No thanks - Raw meat, plastics, large bones.

Liners can be provided for a fee.  These liners are made from a special compostable plastic.  Do not use any other type of plastic liner as your waste will not be collected.


Unfortunately due to changes in reprocessing plastics we are no longer able to provide this service to commercial customers please contact us if you require further information.

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