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Reusable pink bag trial

We are currently trialling the use of reusable pink bags to collect plastic in certain areas of Swansea.

Reusable pink bag

All properties taking part in the trial received a letter followed by a delivery of two reusable bags with an information leaflet. If you don't receive these then it is highly unlikely that you will be participating in the trial. 

Areas participating in the first trial include:

  • Pontarddulais
  • St Thomas
  • Parts of Pontlliw
  • Parts of Bonymaen
  • Parts of Pentrechwyth
  • Parts of Gowerton

PDF Document Streets included and excluded in pink bag trial - Monday collections in Bonymaen, St Thomas and Pentrechwyth (PDF, 40kb)Opens new window
PDF Document Streets included and excluded in pink bag trial - Thursday collections in Pontarddulais and Pontlliw (PDF, 143kb)Opens new window
PDF Document Streets included in pink bag trial - Friday collections in parts of Gowerton (PDF, 112kb)Opens new window

As soon as you receive the new reusable bags please start using them straight away. We will no longer collect plastic from the single use pink bags.

Each reusable pink bag will hold around twice as much plastic than a normal pink bag, so 2 new reusable bags is the same as about 4 old pink bags.

If you're included in the trial:

  • The bags will be collected every fortnight on your pink collection week as normal
  • Please write your house number on the bags to allow the crews to return them
  • The bags contain a weighted bottom to stop them blowing away
  • Use the bag for washed and squashed household plastic packaging only
  • Please don't include polystyrene, crisp packets, food pouches, films lids, shrink or bubble wrap. Place these in your black rubbish bag.

Please use the online form to leave your comments or request more reusable pink bags.

Please note we will no longer collect plastic from single-use plastic sacks in these areas. Place plastic items loose in the reusable bags.

Pink bag recycling trial

Reusable bag trial FAQs

How do I know if my property is included in the trial?

All properties taking part in the trial would have received a delivery of two reusable bags with an information leaflet when the scheme was first introduced in March 2015.

I never received the bags. What do I do?
If you are in a trial area but don't have any reusable bags please call 01792 635600 or email for us to deliver 2 bags for you.

Why is my area included?
We need to trial this scheme in areas which have different layouts, e.g. some areas have streets with front gardens, some have steps to the houses etc.

Why are you making changes?

  • Collecting plastics in this way means it can be recycled in the UK which reduces the carbon footprint of the recycling process. 
  • Using the same reusable bag is more cost effective than providing residents with rolls of single-use plastic sacks.
  • The new weighted bags should reduce the problem of the current single-use sacks blowing around streets on collection days.

Why can't I put plastic film in?   
In order to maximise the amount of material we can recycle in the UK, we are no longer able to collect flexible, or "non-rigid" packaging. The only reprocessors for this sort of packaging are in Asia. Please put these materials in your black bags.

What do I do with the stuff I cannot now put in my reuseable pink bag?
You will not be able to recycle this material in your kerbside bags. Please put it in your black bag.

I need more bags to cover my needs
Each of the bags provided will hold more than twice the amount of material you used to put in each single-use plastic sack. 
By washing and squashing your plastic containers most households will have sufficient volume for a fortnight's requirements. However, if you are finding that you still don't have enough capacity please contact us and if necessary we can deliver an extra bag.

My bags have gone missing or are damaged/faulty
Please contact us as soon as possible for a free replacement.

What to do with the pink single-use plastic sacks I still have? 
This is a trial and we will review the results before making a decision on whether to retain the single-use pink bags for the county or revert to the new system. Please keep hold of any pink bags you have and we will advise if or when you should start reusing them. However, do not use any pink bags for your kerbside collection.

I don't need these, I don't recycle plastics
Swansea Council must meet Welsh Government targets on recycling, or face heavy fines at a time when we are already having to review and cut back on some services. By playing your part in separating your waste correctly and recycling you can help us to help you and other residents.

Do your crew take the bags with them?
As with the garden waste bags, the crew will return the bags to the point of collection. However, it is important that you write your house number on both sides of the bag so that both the crew and you can recognise where the bags came from.

Can't I just put the pink bags into the bigger bags?
As the bags are made of the same materials as the plastic films which our British reprocessors cannot accept it is essential for these to be kept out of the new bags. If you put pink bags in, they will not be collected.

I have assisted collection and cannot carry the bag
Your assisted collection will continue, exactly the same, with bags being returned to the point of collection.

I do not have room in my house/flat     
We're not asking that you store any more material than you do already, just to put it in a different bag. The bags are weighted so they won't blow away if you store them outside.

My neighbours are still using the pink bags, why can't I?
If the neighbours are taking part in the trial area, their pink bags will not be collected, as it is essential that we only collect materials which we can reprocess in the UK. However, the trial area is a small one and other parts of your area may not be participating.

Your comments and feedback on the new service are welcomed after the trial has begun by emailing us on or ringing 01792 635600.

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