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Council call to keep Swansea's beaches free of litter

Colourful signs have gone up at four beaches in Swansea to remind visitors to keep them clean and tidy.

Keep beach clean signs

Swansea Council has arranged for the blue and white signs to go up at Swansea beach, Caswell, Langland and Port Eynon to remind visitors to dispose of their rubbish responsibly or take their waste home with them if bins are full.

Teams of static litter-picking and bin emptying staff are also now in place at all four of these council-run beaches every day throughout the summer season. This adds to the work mobile teams do throughout the year to collect rubbish, empty bins and keep these beaches clean and tidy.

Cllr Robert Francis-Davies, Swansea Council's Cabinet Member for Culture, Tourism and Major Projects, said: "We've got some of the best beaches in the world right on our doorstep here in Swansea - from the beaches the council runs to other gems like Rhossili, Three Cliffs and Oxwich.

"Our stunning beaches aren't just great places for local people to visit and unwind - they also play a big role in attracting visitors here, helping support thousands of jobs as part of a thriving tourism industry that's worth over £400m a year to Swansea's economy.

"Due to the high tides in Swansea Bay, lots of rubbish gets deposited on our beaches, but it's not just the tide that's responsible for the waste. Sadly, despite the best efforts of our staff to keep our beaches clean and tidy, there are still people who choose to leave their rubbish behind them after a visit to the seaside. There are plenty of bins available, so leaving your rubbish on the beach is lazy and inconsiderate to other beach-goers.

"While our staff do all they can to empty bins and collect rubbish as quickly and as often as possible, they can't be everywhere at once - particularly on sunny summer days when our beaches are busy.

"But it's quite simple - if bins are full then please take your rubbish home with you. We want people to enjoy our top quality beaches, but I'd remind people to do so responsibly. We hope the new signs that have gone up will encourage beach-goers to do the right thing with their litter."

Special BBQ bins are also again now available at Langland Bay, Caswell Bay and Rotherslade Bay to prevent open fires on beaches and reduce accidents associated with disposable BBQs, including burns caused by hot coals buried just under the sand.

Work is continuing to take place alongside community groups, community councils and other organisations, including Swansea University, to organise beach litter-picks.

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