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Cameras aim to catch fly-tippers in the act

Covert cameras have been installed at a number of fly tipping hot spots in Swansea in a bid to reduce illegal fly tipping

Fly tipping

Swansea Council hopes the cameras will help to identify anyone dumping waste at any of the sites.

The cameras will also help deter people from considering illegally dumping waste.

David Hopkins, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transportation, said: "We are working hard to tackle fly tipping and prevent instances of it in Swansea.

"It's a shame that a small number of individuals choose to carry out this sort of illegal activity.

"We invest a lot of resources into cleaning up waste that has been illegally dumped. Our hope is that the cameras will help identify those that fly tip so we can get these people into court and ensure they pay the price for their activities."

The fly tipping action also follows the recent issuing of a fixed penalty to a resident who had dumped a bag of waste at a site in the city already suffering from regular fly tipping.

Enforcement officers secured evidence relating to a bag of waste at a site in Penplas during a recent clean-up and have now issued the owner of the waste with the fixed penalty.

Cllr Hopkins added: "Our litter enforcement team actively searches for evidence through cameras, witnesses, or documentation regarding waste illegally dumped to proceed with prosecutions on a zero tolerance basis.

"We also need the support of communities to report fly tipping to us and provide evidence."

Residents are also being urged to ensure that if they employ someone to dispose of waste that they check the company holds a waste carriers licence.

A spokesperson for the council said: "A legitimate waste service will hold a waste carriers licence and will be happy to present it when asked. If you employ someone to dispose of domestic waste and it is discovered illegally dumped, the residents could be liable for any legal action taken by the council."

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