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Swansea to launch first ever 'recycling only' site in the city

Swansea is launching its first recycling centre in the city as part of a longer term plan to increase its overall recycling performance.

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The site is based at the existing Tir John Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) where until now residents were able to dispose of non-recyclable materials often in black bags.

From Monday July 18, residents will only be able to take recyclable waste to Tir John and will be redirected to the city's main HWRC at Llansamlet if they arrive with black bags.

Swansea Council recently approved the plans which are included in a series of measures aimed at boosting recycling levels and reducing costs. Other measures include rolling out a city-wide plastic collections service using reusable pink sacks instead of disposable bags..

By 2020, all councils in Wales must recycle 64% of its waste. The current recycling rate in Swansea is just over 58%.

Latest research by the Council has found that black bags taken to HWRCs contain up to 70% recyclable material.

Between July and the end of the year similar changes will be introduced at two other sites with consideration being given to a third one.

The other sites that will convert to recycling centres are Garngoch and Penlan. Clyne will be a further option.

David Hopkins, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transportation, said: "The changes will mean that households can still use the sites to recycle household waste, but more effort will be needed by residents to sort their waste instead of putting it all in a black bag.

"We have developed an excellent kerbside recycling service that residents can use to dispose of a wide range of household waste. Hopefully the changes at the recycling sites will encourage more households to use these services."

As well as increasing recycling levels the council hopes the changes will help reduce its annual landfill tax costs which stand at around £4 million a year to bury residual waste.

Cllr Hopkins added: "Much of what is being taken to landfill can be recycled and we need residents to support us so we can divert it away to recycling centres or into the kerbside collections."

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